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9 quiz questions: its or it's?

Surely they both mean the same thing don't they?

Does the apostrophe really matter?


Shows ownership of something and is used when referring to animals or things.

"Every dog in the park has its own stick to play with."

"Every ice-cream van has its own sound."


Is the contracted form of 'it is' and can be used in informal writing, for example writing an email to a friend or sending a WhatsApp message.

"It's (it is) a beautiful day today."

"Look at my ice-cream, it's (it is) melting so quickly in this heat."

Some other words that also use contractions:

  • do not - don't

  • cannot - can't

  • could not - couldn't

  • should not - shouldn't

Remember - contractions should only be used in informal writing. If you are writing a report for work or school, or an email to your boss, use formal writing: do not use contractions.

Test your knowledge of its and it's.

Which of these sentences are correct:

  1. New York is famous for it's skyscrapers.


2. I like London. It's a fun city.


3.Venice is known for its canals.


4. The cat has it's own bed to sleep in.


5. The yoga studio has it's own YouTube channel.


6. The hospital has its own electricity supply in case of a power cut.


7. Do you like my painting? I think its my best one yet!


8. Italy is known for it's pizza and pasta.


9. Have you seen my diary? It's blue with pink hearts on it.


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