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At, on or in? - let's talk about time

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Sometimes the smallest words in the English language are the most difficult to use.

This is especially true when we think about at, on or in when talking about time.

Did we do something:

"At the weekend."

"In the weekend."

"On the weekend."


Used when a specific time is mentioned eg at 9 o'clock, at noon, at 3:30pm

at night

at the weekend

at breakfast time, at lunch time, at dinner time


Used for specific days eg on Monday, on my birthday, on New Year's Day

To talk about parts of days eg on Tuesday morning, on Thursday evening

For specific days eg "I go on holiday on the 14th May." "My birthday is on 7th September."


Is used to talk about much bigger periods of time:

Years: In 1997

Months: "In January the weather was very cold."

Decades: "In the 1980's..."

Centuries: "In the 1500's..."

Seasons: "In the spring..." "In the winter..."

Parts of the day: "In the morning I like to go for a walk." "In the evening I like to watch television."

Hopefully this blog post has helped you to work out which of the following sentences is correct:

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