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Online Learning

Pre-high school

Is your child in group 8 and preparing to go to high school?

Do they feel their friends have more English than they do? Don't want them to fall behind? With online lessons for half an hour a week they can

boost their confidence before they go.

Distance Learning

High school

Are you at high school?

Could your grade in English be better? Don't wait to fall further behind.

Ask for help now. With 45 minute lessons once a week we can work on improving your grade. It will take time and hard work, but with proven results I can help you get there.


IELTS Academic Writing

Are you studying for the IELTS exam but find the Academic writing difficult?

I can help.

With my enthusiasm for writing and knowledge of grammar we can work together to improve your band score. 

All teaching is offered online using Bramble, a web-based tuition platform which allows you to download the learning materials that you have worked on during the class.


Let the English language open doors for you.

How can I help?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certified with specialisation in teaching young learners and business English. I believe a good knowledge of the English language can help you to achieve your goals in an international business environment. This all starts at school. Don't fall behind. Look for support to boost your grades. 

Levels of teaching

Pre-high school

High school

IELTS Academic Writing

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“Very happy that I made the choice to learn to speak better English with Joanne. My self-confidence has improved as a result. Joanne is very friendly and brought up really nice topics. Recommended."

Ivan, 5 HAVO

"Thank you for helping me get an 8, it helped a lot"

Fieke, 5 HAVO

“​Thank you for the tutoring, because without the tutoring this (a 6) would never have been possible! Before I started the tutoring I had a 4 for English. The tutoring has improved my English a lot, including reading skills, listening skills, grammar and speaking. I found the reading skills the most difficult, because I got a 3 for reading skills before the tutoring, but through a lot of practice and the tips I passed my final reading exam with a 6.6. Thanks to the tutoring, I went from a 4 for English to a 6 on my diploma in 1.5 years.

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