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Raising Hand


What equipment will I need?

The same as if you were having a Skype or Zoom chat with a friend, but you will need access to your keyboard and mouse so

I suggest using a laptop or PC for the lesson.

What if I cannot make a session I have paid for?
Will I need to install additional software?

No, I will send you a link to the online classroom which is hosted by Bramble. This software was created especially to facilitate online tuition. We can talk, share documents and write at the same time. 

If you need to cancel a lesson you have already paid for and you do this within 12 hours of the start time of the lesson you will receive a refund on a pre-paid lesson or a reschedule if you have booked via the pre-payment plan. 

For example, you have a lesson at 10 o'clock on Thursday morning. If you cancel by 10 o'clock Wednesday evening you will receive a refund or free reschedule.

How much does a lesson cost?

More information can be found on the book online pages.

Any other questions? Use the contact me page to ask and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

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