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9 ways to remember or to remind

To remember or to remind. What's the difference?

They are both verbs relating to memory.

To remember is something you do when thinking about the past:

"I remember going on holiday last summer."

Or to talk to someone else about the future:

"Remember to pack your swimming shorts for our holiday to Spain!"

To remind is to have someone else remember something:

"I would like to remind you that I'm going on holiday tomorrow and won't be at work for two weeks"

Let's look at this sentence:

"I'd like to remember you to turn the lights out before you leave."

This sentence isn't correct...remember should be remind because we are asking someone else to remember something.

"I'd like to remind you to turn the lights out before you leave." You are asking someone else to remember something.

or you could say...

"Please remember to turn the lights out before you leave." You are reminding someone else about a future event, when they leave.

I don't remember me saying that.

This is also not correct. You have already talked about yourself with I, 'me' isn't needed as well.

I don't remember saying that.

However, if you are talking about something someone else has said then you do need to include them in the sentence:

I don't remember you saying that.

I don't remember them saying that.

Let's have a look at some examples to put this into practice.

Which sentences are correct?

Can you remember me to buy some milk?


I don't remember getting dressed this morning. I must have still been asleep!


I don't remember me asking you to do that.


Remind me to call mum later, I haven't spoken to her all week!


I remember him when he was at school.


Please remember him to go to football practice later.


Remember to brush your teeth before you go to bed!


Please remind him to brush his teeth before he goes to bed!


Please remember me to send a message to my friend later, it's her birthday!


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