Do you accept it or except it?

Accept, except. Say these two words out loud and they sound very similar. If you used them incorrectly when speaking the listener might not be able to tell the difference, however when written down they make all the difference in the world so be careful!

Accept is to have or do something

Looking at the example we can assume that someone has accidentally put cream in the coffee, but the speak doesn't mind. They'll accept it.

Other example sentences include:

  • I'll accept your party invitation

  • I'll accept your offer of work

  • I'll accept your resignation

  • I'll accept your point of view

Except is not to have or do something

Looking at the example we can assume that after cream was accidentally added to the first cup of coffee the speaker wants to make sure they don't have cream in their cup. They want the coffee, except for the cream.

Other examples include:

  • I would like all the toppings, except for the onion

  • Paid parking every day, except for Sunday

  • The sun was shining all day, except for during my lunch break

  • All the children passed the test, except for one.


Accept = to have

Except = not to have

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