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How or what?

Both are great words to use to show you are asking a question, but we need to be careful with the structure of that question.

What does the hotel room look like?

How does the hotel room look like?

The first sentence is correct because it is asking us to make a comparison with an idea we already have. What does the hotel room look like in comparison to your expectations.

It looks ok.

It looks great!

It looks very clean and comfortable.

It looks a bit small.

To start this question with 'how':

How does the hotel room look?

We have taken away the word 'like' and instead are asking for a less specific answer. We are not looking to compare it with an idea, but instead we can expect many different kinds of replies:







To ask a comparison question with 'how' we need to use 'compare' instead of like:

How does the hotel room compare to the one you stayed in last summer?

To answer the first question:

What does the hotel room look like? Is the correct answer.

Use this short quiz to test your knowledge on sentences using what and how:

  1. How does my dress look like?


2. How does that pizza taste?


3. What does that curry taste like?


4. How does the new band sound like?


5. How does the new restaurant compare to the place we usually go to?


6. What does the new chocolate flavour taste like?


7. How does the second book in the series compare to the first one?


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