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Other ways to say 'in addition to'.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

You can improve the quality of your business emails and communication by using

transition words to link two sentences together.

There are many types of transition words and they perform different functions.

Since they cannot all be used interchangeably this post is focused on words to express addition.

The following words can all be used to suggest that one point is 'in addition to' or provides further information to another.

Read on for some examples of how to use these in sentences.

  • indeed

  • furthermore

  • moreover

  • additionally

  • and

  • also

  • both x and y

  • not only x but also y

  • besides x

  • in fact

There are more girls studying arts subjects at school than boys, indeed if we look at the figures from last year we can see there were 30% more girls.

The sales of houseplants increased during the first lockdown, furthermore we can see that the sales of plants in general rose as people spent more time at home.

New subscriptions to Netflix went up during the second lockdown, moreover the viewing figures show that existing subscribers spent more time watching online shows that they had the previous winter.

The number of children who signed up for outdoor activities from September was up from the previous year, additionally the data shows more girls taking part in outdoor activities than before.

Promotional materials produced by universities for their science courses are targeted mainly at male students and this is then reflected in the greater number of male than female students enrolled on their courses.

People bought more books in 2020 than in 2019, also they bought more magazines.

Looking at this information on a graph we can see that both x and y curves show a steep increase once the catalyst was added.

The graph shows not only x but also y products decreased in sales once the cold weather started.

It is difficult to see which product sold the best, besides the x product was adversely affected by supply issues around this time.

Looking at sales overall we can see we had a bumper year, in fact it was the best year we have had since the start of the decade.

As you can see from these examples, the addition of a transition word can change two short sentences into one, more complex, sentence with an improved flow.

Why don't you pick a couple of examples you feel comfortable using and try them in your next business email?

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