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What's the difference between... will and would?

Updated: Mar 19

Will is used to talk about the present or the future.

Would is the past tense form of will, so is used to talk about the past. It can also be used to imagine something.


  • Used to make predictions: "Look at those clouds! It will rain in a minute!"

  • To talk about things people might be willing to do: "Will you pick up some things from the supermarket for me please?"

  • Used to make promises: "I will help you with your homework later."

  • To talk about the present: "It's 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, your brother will be watching a football match now."


  • Is used to talk about the past: "It would have been nice if you had helped me to tidy up after the party."

  • Can be used to imagine something: "It would be lovely to go on holiday in the summer."

  • To make a polite request: "Would you please be on time tomorrow? We are expecting a visit from head office."

Maybe Dad ______ lend me the car to go and visit my friend.


Dad ______ not lend me the car so I had to take the bus.


_______ you pass me the potatoes please?


The weather is warm already and it _____ get warmer later in the day.


I wish you _______ put your breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.


It ______ have been fun to go to the cinema, but I had to work.


It _____ be difficult to find a replacement for Sally, she was such a good colleague.


Tom's flight took off an hour ago. He _____ be flying over France now.


I _______ help you in the garden when I get home from work.


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