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Good vs well

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Have you ever noticed that some English words, although they have the same meaning, cannot be used interchangeably in sentences?

Good and well are two such words.

This blog post will aim to explain the correct time to use 'good' and the correct time to use 'well'.


Is an adjective (used to describe a noun).

It can be used in sentences such as:

"That's a good cup of tea."

"We had a good meal at the new restaurant last night."

"I've just finished reading a really good book."


Is an adverb (used to describe a verb or action).

It can be used in sentences such as:

"You played football really well on Saturday."

"Tom gave that presentation very well."

"I think I explained the process well."

Good is used to describe a thing whilst well is used to describe an action:

Thing Action

"That is a good point." "You explained that point well."

"Jenny delivered a good presentation." "Jenny delivered the presentation well."

"It is a good report." "The report is written well."

Top tip:

The thing is good.

The action is done well.

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